Beth Roxland Publication List

Beth Roxland, JD, M.Bioethics

Roxland Consultants, Ltd

New York, United States


Roxland Publications

  1. Physician Households in the 21st Century, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) (Oct 15, 2019) Show publication


  1. How Will The Federal Right To Try Law Impact Drug Development?, Clinical Leader (June 27, 2018) at


  1. The Prescription Drug User Fee Act Must Refrain from Adding Right To Try Provisions, The Hill (Jun 1, 2017) at


  1. Post-Trial Responsibilities Framework: Continued Access to Investigational Medicines MRCT Center (Dec 1, 2016) at


  1. Right To Try Laws For The Terminally Ill Are Bad Policy, Forbes (Sep 23, 2016) at


  1. Patients Deserve Better Than a “Right to [Hope to] Try”, The Hill (Jul 1, 2016) at


  1. Federal “Right to Try” Bill – Wrong on the Law, and Wrong for Patients, The Hill (Jun 1, 2016)


  1. Franken-Food or Scare Tactics: the Science, Law and Policy of Genetically Modified Organisms, New York State Bar Association Health Law Journal (Jul 1, 2015) Show publication


  1. Ethical Considerations: Care of the Critically Ill and Injured During Pandemics and Disasters, CHEST consensus statement – American College of Chest Physicians (October, 2014) Show publication


  1. Legal Preparedness: Care of the Critically Ill and Injured During Pandemics and Disasters, CHEST – American College of Chest Physicians (October, 2014) Show publication


  1. Should Unclaimed Frozen Embryos be Considered “Unclaimed Property” and Donated to Stem Cell Research?, Boston Univ. J. Sci. & Tech. L. (Winter 2015) Show publication


  1. Contemporary Ethical Issues in Stem Cell Research, Stem Cell Handbook 2d Ed. (2013) Show publication


  1. Unique Proposals for Limiting Legal Liability and Encouraging Adherence to Ventilator Allocation Guidelines in an Influenza Pandemic, DePaul Journal of Health Care Law (2013) Show publication


  1. International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) Position Statement on the Provision and Procurement of Human Eggs for Stem Cell Research, Cell Stem Cell (March 2013) Show publication


  1. New York State’s Landmark Policies on Oversight and Compensation for Egg Donation to Stem Cell Research, Regenerative Medicine (May 2012) Show publication


  1. Surrogate Consent to Participation in Human Subjects Research After the Family Health Care Decisions Act, New York State Bar Association Health Law Journal (Spring 2011)


  1. Public Engagement on New York State’s Plan for Allocating Ventilators During a Pandemic, Annals of Emergency Medicine (Mar. 2011) Show publication


  1. Egg Donation for Stem Cell Research: How New York State Developed its Oversight and Compensation Policies – World Stem Cell Report (Oct. 2010)



Q&A’s / Substantially Quoted in:


  1. Who Gets a Ventilator, Who Doesn’t – And, Who Decides? Hazmat Hotel (iHeartMedia Podcast) (Apr. 2020)–who-doesntand-who-decides-eci0el



  1. Q&A With Roxland On Stem Cell Clinic Suits By Iowa & Nebraska- The Niche, July 2020



  1. FDA to Ease Some Cancer Patients’ Access to Experimental Drugs, The Wall Street Journal, by Peter Loftus (June 3, 2019)


  1. New Florida Bill Mixes RTT Spirit With Turning Unproven Stem Cell Sales Into A Felony – The Niche, by Paul Knopfloer (Jan. 31, 2019)


  1. Right to Try Legislation Further Muddles Expanded Access Issues for Experimental Treatments, Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), by Michael Causey (June 26, 2018)


  1. Right To Try Legislation To Ease Rules On Experimental Drug Access Falters In House Vote, MedCity News, by Stephanie Baum (March 13, 2018)


  1. IRBs Must Prepare for Studies Involving Transgender Populations, IRB Advisor, 17, No. 12; p. 133-144  (December 2017)


  1. California Moves Against Unlicensed Stem Cell Treatments — But Is It Doing Enough?

Los Angeles Times, by: Michael Hiltzik  | October 13, 2017


  1. Texas Gives Green-Light For Experimental Stem-Cell Therapies, BioEdge, by Xavier Symons, June 2017,


  1. Texas Has Sanctioned Unapproved Stem Cell Therapies. Will It Change Anything?

Science, by Kelly Servick, June 2017,


  1. New FDA Pathway to Accelerate Development of Cell Therapies, The SCIENTIST, By Jef Akst | May 22, 2017

  1. The Cruel Sham That Is Right-To-Try Raises Its Ugly Head At The Federal Level Again, by David Gorski (April 17, 2017) 


  1. Do The Terminally Ill Have A Right To Experimental Drugs?, The WEEK (by STAT), Bob Tedeschi | April 15, 2017,


  1. With Patients Demanding Experimental Drugs, ‘Right To Try’ Is Becoming The Law Of The Land

By Bob Tedeschi @bobtedeschi, March 23, 2017,


  1. Dear Vice President Pence: Stop peddling false hopes to dying patients

By: Ed Silverman, Pharmalot, February 2017


  1. ‘Right To Try’ laws called ‘Right To Beg’ by Stem Cell Advocates

December 19, 2016 / Kevin McCormack   The Stem Cellar


  1. Applying The New York Family Health Care Decisions Act To Hospice Patients Hospice News Network   Volume 15, Number 17 (May 10, 2011)


  1. Flu Nightmare: Patients Could be Denied Ventilators

Plans would go into effect if the US were struck by a severe flu pandemic.

by Sheri Fink, NY TIMES


  1. Flu Nightmare: In Severe Pandemic, Officials Ponder Disconnecting Ventilators From Some Patients

by Sheri Fink, NY TIMES