Featuring presentations by Farzana Akkas of Pew Charitable Trusts and Jaime Imitola of the University of Connecticut, this webinar will bring an evidence-based, data-driven perspective to the subject of adverse effects and other harms related to the administration of unproven and unlicensed cell-based interventions.

Topics to be addressed in the webinar include physical effects, such as infection and disabilities associated with the administration of unproven cell-based interventions, psychological and financial harms, and harms to public health and credible clinical research. The webinar will also address physician awareness of patients pursuing unproven cell-based interventions, especially in the domain of neurology.

The target audience includes clinicians, scientists, product developers, policy-makers, and members of the regulatory community in the fields of cell and gene therapy. The objectives of the webinar are to educate about the multitude of risks and harms associated with cell-based interventions that lack established safety and efficacy profiles, and to inform clinical practice, regulatory policy, and public understanding of stem cell interventions and the development of stem cell therapies.